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Are Eggs Good For You?
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Are Eggs Good For You?


Are Eggs Good For You?

Some people hate them, some people have them every day. They are a breakfast staple for some, and are possibly the most diverse food out there. You can have them scrambled, fried, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, in a cake, benedict, florentine – it’s exhausting enough just thinking about it! Having said that, I recently looked up ‘#eggs’ on Instagram and ended up being bombarded with anti-egg propaganda. So much so, you’d think Edwina Currie was in charge of it. It got me thinking, and I therefore decided to take a look into the matter of ‘Are eggs good for you?’

You may presume that I would be ‘anti-egg’ considering this website contains a lot of vegan recipes and such. Whilst I believe that you should always eat free-range eggs, I’m fairly liberal on the whole egg situation as they’re a completely natural product and go through hardly any processing once laid. I am, however, passionate about health and that’s why it caught my eye. I was under the assumption that eggs were one of the best foods to eat, an excellent source of protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 to name but a few. In fact, the only vitamin they don’t contain is vitamin C.

However, Instagram egg warriors would have you believe that one egg can contain as much cholesterol as a Big Mac (even though in the UK we know that eating eggs doesn’t increase cholesterol or your chance of getting heart disease). Eggs can increase your risk of colon cancer five fold, your chance of getting diabetes by 68% and your chance of contracting lethal prostate cancer by 81%. It’s enough to put you off dippy eggs and soldiers for a lifetime. This information was all provided by, an organisation for ‘responsible medicine’ in the states. They have pages and pages full of anti-egg information, scare-mongering their readers about salmonella and the fact there is no dietary fibre in eggs. They even provide a recipe for an egg substitution. I was interested to find out why they were so ‘anti-egg’ and where they were getting their stats from. One of their ‘physicians’ admitted that even though  “there wasn’t very much research”  into the relationship between egg consumption and cancer risk, smart people should be “avoiding eggs” and finding other substitutes. I was suspicious.

PCRM - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

PCRM – Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

I emailed PCRM to ask why they were so ‘anti-egg’. I recieved an email back instantly which contained, as you may have guessed, a bombardment of yet more anti-egg leaflets. Not really the answer I was hoping for.

In conclusion, having searched long and hard for an answer to my question, I have found one and it is from Dr John Berardi in the Huffington Post : “Unless you have diabetes or a rare genetic disorder, eating a few eggs every day is not bad for you”. They are packed full with vitamins, are a natural product, and as long as you buy free range, you should be alright to eat them.

And for more information about eggs, see Jen’s great article on them here.


Are Eggs Good For You?
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Are Eggs Good For You?
Are Eggs Good For You?

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