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Authentic Indian Cooking
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Authentic Indian Cooking


Authentic Indian Cooking

Have you ever wondered how proper Indian food should taste? Well, I was lucky enough to go to the most amazing cookery demonstration in Fort Kochi, India and learn from an expert how to make a variety of southern Indian dishes. Having been for a delicious meal the night before at Casa Linda, I was left amazed at how fresh and tasty the whole meal had been, so for the small price of 750 RS, I went back the next day for a one-on-one tutorial with her where I learnt how to make her famous lime rice, chicken masala, fish masala, vegetable masala, coconut prawns and spiced semolina pudding. Over the next week, I will be uploading a recipe a day for you to try out at home and tell me what you think. You’ll be amazed at the difference in flavours and textures and you’ll never want to order an Indian takeaway again!

Marie-Elise and Aroma

Marie-Elise and Aroma

Authentic Indian Cooking
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Authentic Indian Cooking
Authentic Indian Cooking - A Masterclass

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