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Fruit Jelly
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Fruit Jelly


Fruit Jelly

As a child, jelly was my favourite pudding. I absolutely loved the texture and the flavour, particularly at parties. They make a brilliant gluten-free treat too.

You Will Need: (Serves 8 Fruit Jelly)

  •  Two handfuls of berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries
  • 1 Kiwi, sliced+
  • 4 Gelatine Leaves
  • 3 tsp Caster Sugar
  • 400ml Lemonade


Fill 8 teacups or moulds with your berries to 3/4 full. Place them in the fridge to chill (this just makes it easier to set the jelly).

Soak your gelatine leaves in cold water until soft. Pick them out and shake of the excess water. Place them into a bowl and cover with 150ml of warm water from the tap, a long with the caster sugar, and stir until dissolved.

Once the gelatine has cooled back to room temperature, mix in the lemonade and pour the liquid into the teacups or moulds. Top with a slice of kiwi and return to the fridge until set.

Serve your fruit jelly with more berries and ice cream.

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Fruit Jelly
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