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Hay-fever Busting Juice
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Hay-fever Busting Juice


Hay-fever Busting Juice

This hay-fever busting juice is an old favourite when I’m feeling a bit under the weather as it tastes very good for you when you’re all sniffly and sneezy. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who needs a boost around this time of year.

You will need: (Makes 1 x 250 ml glass of Hay-Fever Busting Juice)

  • 2 Carrots
  • 5 Large Chunks of Pineapple
  • A large chunk of Fresh Ginger
  • Orange Juice
  • A drizzle of Runny Honey

A juicer is also necessary,but feel free to make it into a smoothie in the blender.


Juice the carrots and ginger, adding the pineapple last (it can clog up the juicer).

In a glass, drizzle a little honey at the bottom. Pour the juice in, and top up with orange juice. Give it a quick stir and there we go!

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Hay Fever Busting Juice
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