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The Ins and Outs of a Raw Food Diet
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The Ins and Outs of a Raw Food Diet


The Ins and Outs of a Raw Food Diet

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting to know a few other raw foodies around the world. I’ve scaled the internet high and low, and found three people who really know their stuff about raw food diets. Their knowledge is vital for other people who want to try a raw food diet or just learn more about raw food, and they have all provided helpful tips for those who fancy giving it a try. Don’t forget to check out Saskia’s and Alina’s websites too for more information.

Saskia @ Raw Freedom

Saskia @ Raw Freedom

Saskia @ Raw Freedom








Saskia is an inspirational raw food expert, author and life coach, supporting busy and ambitious women to experience greater energy, mental clarity and shining self-confidence.  She runs life-enhancing coaching programmes and workshops and has written a number of raw food recipe books. For more information visit her brilliant website –

Visit for more info and recipes

Visit for more info and recipes

1 What made you decide that a raw diet was the thing for you?

I was suffering from IBS, joint and muscle ache, an appalling memory and moodiness.  I started to research raw food and was excited about the health results that people were claiming to get from following a raw diet.  I went 100% raw for two weeks in November 2006.  In those 2 weeks, I experienced a noticeable improvement in my symptoms, as well as very strong and uncomfortable detox symptoms (I generally don’t recommend going 100% raw from the start – it’s much better for your body to ease in gently and give it the opportunity to cleanse at a manageable rate).  In the spring of 2007 I started my raw food journey for real.

2 What is the main benefit you’ve found with eating a raw diet?

The main benefits of eating high raw for me are that I feel happier, more positive, more confident, and my body working is much more efficiently.  I have lots of energy, focus and mental clarity.  I increase and decrease the amount of raw food I eat depending on my lifestyle requirements at the time.  For example, if I’m about to teach a workshop, I’ll up my raw so that I’m really on the ball for teaching, but if I’m on holiday, I’ll relax my eating habits and eat more cooked if it’s easier.  On an average day I am around 70% raw.  Discovering raw food has meant that even the cooked food I eat is much healthier now.

Check out Saskia's Raw Mint Chocolate Torte here:

Check out Saskia’s Raw Mint Chocolate Torte here:

3 What would you say is the main difficulty with eating a raw diet?

For me, the main difficulty with eating a raw diet is dealing with the ‘raw’ emotions that come with it.  We use cooked and junk food to numb our emotions, and when you eat raw food you start to become more in touch with what’s really going on emotionally for you.  Without the right support and a patient and kind attitude towards yourself this can mean that you end up eating cooked and unhealthy food again.  My raw food journey has been about learning self-love and becoming emotionally conscious. Eating raw food gives me a level of self-awareness and emotional courage that I lacked before.  And this is what I help my clients with when I’m coaching.

4 Do you have any tips for other or aspiring raw foodists?

Be gentle with yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up when you eat cooked or junk food – use it as an opportunity to change your self-talk to a language of compassion and encouragement.  Look at what you are achieving, not at what you feel you are not. On a more practical level, starting one meal at a time works really well.  Introduce raw breakfasts, and then once that becomes comfortable and habitual, add in a high raw lunch etc. High raw is the most flexible way of living a raw food lifestyle.  It means that you eat mostly raw food and some cooked food.  For example, a lovely big salad with guacamole and shop bought rice cakes, or a raw Thai curry with cooked brown rice.

Alina Zhukovskaya @

Alina Z

Alina Z

Alina is a board certified health and nutrition coach and culinary expert.  Her unique approach to food says that creating a healthy diet is like choosing the fashions that fill your closet. To fit well, your diet has to reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.  It’s a philosophy she calls “Couture Nutrition™” and sharing it with others is her passion. When you understand food through fashion, she says, you learn realistic ways to boost your energy, control your weight, and look simply fabulous.  Or as Alina Z likes to put it, “you blossom.” Currently, Alina is finishing her second book – “Let Yourself Blossom: An Un-Diet Guide To Food & Self Love.” Check out her website here:

1 What would you say is the best raw foodstuff that you couldn’t live without?
My raw vegan vanilla lemon cheesecake, banana ice cream, raw tiramisu, nachos… I love raw vegan desserts and “junk” food because I make it guilt-free!
2 Do you yourself eat a raw diet, and why/why not?
No, I don’t eat 100% raw. I am 100% Alina and I trust my bio-individuality. My bodytype requires cooked foods and even some animal protein (always organic and humanely-raised). I love how chimps eat – mostly plants, but some animal protein when it is medicine for the body.
3 You were nominated as the best professional raw educator. What would you say is your best teaching/advice to other raw foodists?
The best advice I can give you is listen to your inner wisdom. Raw foods help you get in touch in nature, they have a higher vibration. When you start to have lots of raw foods, your body changes, your thoughts change. Listen to them and adjust accordingly. I don’t preach anything about how anyone else should eat, but I know that given a chance to listen to themselves, people will find their own answers. I am like a nutrition stylist who shows different options and then it is up to each student to pick what works for them. So, try all the best quality unprocessed foods and see how you feel! The proof is in the raw vegan chocolate pudding 🙂
Sue Antrobus
Sue lives in Cheshire with her family and eats a mostly vegan diet a long with her daughter. She ate a raw food diet for one week and here is what she found:
1 What was the main difficulty in following the diet?
Buying and preparing all the food. I would have struggled to do this whilst working as well so I did the raw food vegan diet when I was off for a week and combined it with a week of yoga every day. My family were following a cooked diet so I ate different food to them for the week which also wasn’t ideal, but as it was short term, it wasn’t too much of a problem.
2. What were the benefits of the diet, and how long did it take for you to notice them?
By the end of the week, I could breathe more easily (we all have an allergic/inflammatory reaction to cooked food apparently which causes excess nasal mucus!) I had lost a few pounds in weight and I felt lighter with more energy.
3. What was your favourite raw food recipe?
Beetroot pate was lovely. I prepare it for my book club and they loved it!
4. Do you have any tips for other raw foodists, or those aspiring to a raw diet?
Yes, plan and prepare. Do your research and get yourself some good recipes, either off the internet – there are loads of bloggers following a raw food diet – or buy a book (I did a combination of both). I also bought a spiralizer and a dehydrator, although they are not essential. I think having done this for a week, I would now do the odd ‘raw’ day. I follow a vegan diet now so this would be relatively easy to do, especially in the summer. Starting the day with a green juice is something that I have now built into my lifestyle following my raw week and I manage to do this at least 5 times a week and I have definitely noticed the difference in my energy levels.
This article has been a pleasure to write, and it’s been lovely getting to know Saskia, Alina and Sue. Their personal experiences are vital for those who wish to know more about raw food diets, and don’t hesitate to visit Saskia and Alina’s websites ( and respectively). It’s blogs and people like this who can give so much support and guidance to others, and I send them all warm wishes on their food journeys.
M x
The Ins and Outs of a Raw Food Diet
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The Ins and Outs of a Raw Food Diet
The Ins and Outs of a Raw Food Diet

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