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Interview: Rob Hull
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Interview: Rob Hull


Interview: Rob Hull

Rob Hull is the owner of ‘Funky Raw’, a company which helps you eat a healthier diet. They publish a quarterly magazine with news, reviews and articles on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and also have an online shop selling raw foods and superfoods. Take a look at

Rob Hull

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Rob eats a raw food diet and when given the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his diet, I jumped at the chance as he’s been eating raw for over 10 years!

What was it that made you decide to eat a raw food diet?

To cut a long story short, I suppose it was just me being interested in anything new and different. I tried a raw food diet for 2 weeks and I never looked back!

What is the main benefit that you’ve found when eating a raw food diet?

For me, I think it is lots of little things which all add up to a better quality of life. An important thing for me was a food allergy which doctors and nutritionists couldn’t work out, which raw food solved.

What have you found difficult about the diet?

Bad and incorrect information. There are a lot of people promoting a raw food diet who have only been following it for one or two years, who don’t understand the long term consequences of eating a limited diet. After starting out on a raw vegan diet, I came to realise that I was getting deficient in certain nutrients. I added raw dairy into my diet which helped, but adding raw egg yolks and a small amount of raw fish and meat into my diet has made me strong and stable for the long term. (I’ve been eating a raw food diet for over 10 years now, I would say approx 98% of my food is currently raw).

What would be your advice to other raw foodies?

Listen to your body (not other people). If you have a very strong craving for a particular food then that probably (but not always) indicates some kind of nutritional deficiency.

Interview: Rob Hull
Article Name
Interview: Rob Hull
Interview: Rob Hull

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