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Raw Essentials
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Raw Essentials


Raw Essentials

Whilst the majority of my raw food recipes on here use simple kitchen gadgets and utilities, such as the freezer or a blender, you may already know that raw foodists generally need a couple of other gizmos at hand. Even though a couple of these items may seem a little steeply priced, you must remember that these are instead of microwave ovens and cookers, as well as kettles, toasters, frying pans, grills, steamers, slow cookers, deep fat fryers… The list is endless, so remember to bear this in mind when looking.

So, some Raw Essentials which you will need:

  • A Food Processor – generally just to save time instead of having to chop up nuts/seeds/vegetables (Around £50)
  • A Dehydrator – similar to sun drying foods and dries out foods such as mushrooms or bananas for added flavour (£20-500)
  • High Speed Blender/Vitamix – You really do need a good blender for whizzing up frozen foods or hard vegetables and nuts. I’d recommend investing in the Vitamix because they’re just such a useful tool for raw foods (£50-£500 for a Vitamix)
  • Spiralizer – Spiralizers are a great implement to have when making carrot or courgette spaghetti, and they slice veg up small to save time instead of chopping by hand. (£30)
  • A Mandoline – again, handy to save time instead of chopping veg up by hand (£10-£40)
  • Grinder – handy for crushing nuts and seeds into powder. Some blenders already have this attachment, but if not, they’re worth buying (£25-80)
  • A set of really good knives – a good knife is both one of the raw essentials, as well as being important in hot-food cooking. A sharp knife is safer to use in place of a blunt one, and tough raw food to cut through, such as nuts, some veg, coconuts and watermelons need a good, sharp knife. My favourite knives to use are ‘Global’ Knives (£300-£500 for a set), but I also love Kuhn Rikon cooking equipment (£25 for three knives)

So, I think that’s pretty much all of the equipment that you’ll need, other than fridges and freezers, for you to prepare your raw food.

Other ‘obscure’ ingredients which are featured, such as Nama Shoyu, are available from Amazon, as well as other health food stores online and on the high street. Even though at the moment there aren’t that many outlets for raw foods, it’s a growing trend and it will be made easier in the future.

There you have it – Mazwo’s list of Raw Essentials.

Raw Essentials
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Raw Essentials
Raw Essentials

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