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Review: Mini Moo Free Chocolate
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Review: Mini Moo Free Chocolate


Review: Mini Moo Free Chocolate

Chocolate. It’s something that most kids love and take for granted. Some even have it everyday, be it after school or before bed at night. Some might only have it at the weekend. Others, however, can’t have it at all as they are lactose intolerant. MAZWO has, however, found a solution in the form of ‘moo free’ chocolate.

This chocolate bar is possibly the best invention since sliced (gluten-free!) bread. They come in small bars for children called ‘Mini Moos’ and can be found in most supermarkets, so no having to hunt around obscure shops for them. They may seem a bit calorific at 187 kcals a bar, but I promise you that they are worth it! You can also buy the mini moo chocolate drops which are good for smaller toddlers and babies.

These are fab treat around Christmas time.

These are fab treat around Christmas time.













The chocolate is dairy, lactose, gluten and wheat free, also making it a vegan snack. It tastes like chocolate, possibly even nicer than normal milk chocolate, and for those fed up of  sticking to dark chocolate, it’s great. It does taste a little like the cheaper, own-brand chocolate from supermarkets, but I would definitely reccomend for both children and adults!

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