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Review: ORGRAN Mini Outback Animals
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Review: ORGRAN Mini Outback Animals


Review: ORGRAN Mini Outback Animals

I first heard about these gluten free biscuits from a mother whose child was gluten and dairy free. They really are a fantastic lunchtime or after dinner snack.

These snacks are wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, yeast and casein free. They are therefore a saviour for parents whose children are intolerant to a lot of foods but just want to have a biscuit like their friends at school. As for taste, the most important aspect for a child, they taste like a ‘normal’ chocolate snack. They are fairly sweet (raw sugar as the second ingredient), but not sickly, so are good as a before-bed snack. The only thing that I would say is that they are quite crumbly and hard in comparison to other biscuits but this can be combated by dipping them in vanilla soya milk as the mother I knew did.

These Orgran Mini Outback Animals are unbeatable as a biscuit for gluten/dairy free kids. A big thumbs up.

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ORGRAN Mini Outback Animals
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