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Review: Warburton’s Gluten Free Brown Bread
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Review: Warburton’s Gluten Free Brown Bread


Review: Warburton’s Gluten Free Brown Bread

This week, I tried out Warburton’s Gluten Free brown bread, and what a great substitute it is!

Gluten Free Brown Bread

Gluten Free Brown Bread

This bread is fantastic, particularly as toast (I had it with my beans on toast!) It smelt like bread and had the same consistency as bread. Whilst it maybe lacked a little salt, it didn’t matter with something such as butter, or an old favourite – marmite – on it. The slices were a little on the small side considering the price (£2.47 in most supermarkets) but it was still low calorie at 73kcal per slice, which is great considering a lot of other products are much higher in calories when gluten free.

I also tried it as bread in a sandwich, but this didn’t work out so well. I had it with ham and cucumber, and the texture of the bread was a little crumbly, breaking up whilst I was spreading cream cheese on. However, it tasted wholesome, and not synthetic which is another huge bonus for Warburton’s.

Overall, I feel that this bread does the job. Despite it containing egg, a downside for vegans, it is just a fabulous substitute and Warburton’s have done an excellent job of bringing out such a wide range of gluten-free products – .

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