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What can’t I feed to a Vegan?
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What can’t I feed to a Vegan?


What can’t I feed to a Vegan?

In short, vegans don’t eat anything which has come from an animal, so no meat, dairy, eggs etc. Here’s a more in depth list of what you can’t feed to a vegan:

  • Meat
  • Fish, 
  • Milk, inc goat’s, cow’s and sheep’s
  • Cheese
  • Yoghurt
  • Cream, inc. ice cream
  • Eggs. so fresh pasta isn’t allowed
  • Some fruit juices as they contain Omega-3, and products with Vitamin D3 also need to be avoided
  • Some vegans choose not to eat honey
  • Chocolate, unless it’s at least 75% dark
  • Some oatmeals
  • Some crisps
  • Butter/Lard
  • Gelatin, marshmallows, pre packed peanuts
  • Wine and beer can go through a ‘fining’ process which involves animal products
  • Some chips are cooked in animal fat as well
  • Products which contain white sugar (due to the process of bone charring)
  • Worcestershire sauce (as it contains anchovies)
  • Watch out for Soy Cheeses which contain casein and rennet
  • Products containing red food dye (made from the cochineal beetle), red lipstick
  • Lemon Curd
What can’t I feed to a Vegan?
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What can’t I feed to a Vegan?
What can’t I feed to a Vegan?

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